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Our parents grew up eating Za’atar in the Middle East and carried on this cultural treasure as a staple of their household when they migrated to the states in the 1980’s. The inspiration for a food business came from Pops aka Issa, who previously owned and operated restaurants for 30+ years before selling his last one in 2008. Fast forward 8 years later, the Dubbaneh kids dragged him back into the industry and have been loving every second since.

The kids combined their diverse skillsets with the passion they inherited growing up in their Fathers’ restaurant and their moms traditional recipes to share the wonders of za’atar with the DC community. All of the Dubbanehs (including the parents) work full time jobs and run Z&Z on the side – it truly is a project of passion! Historically, Zaatar has been believed to enhance cognitive ability. The kids ate it before every exam and have a filing cabinet full of honor roll certificates to prove its benefit.

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