The Middle Eastern Breakfast


In Arab cultures, community is key to the food culture and meals are treated as gatherings worthy of enjoyment with family and friends. One of the most special dining experiences in the world is the Middle Eastern Breakfast. Shared plates are spread across a communal table where the focus is on people gathering for a great meal and even better conversation. This is a family style of eating where one does not eat a single portioned and plated dish, but is expected to eat from shared, communal platters.

“As far as [Syrian] breakfast goes, it has to revolve around the family sitting together. The dish itself isn’t just food; it’s about love and gathering people together.”

- Chef Nour Eddin Abdul Bari, Syrian Chef

The one constant at the center of these shared plates is a bowl of olive oil and za’atar. No breakfast is complete without it. You start the meal by grabbing a piece of warm pita, dipping it into the olive oil, and then dunking it into the za’atar for a beautiful flavor combination.